Why Do We Have Dimples?


Many people would have heard of the popular cosmetic procedure – dimples surgery. Dimples surgery or dimple creation is surprisingly simple, with incredibly adorable results and very minor side effects. Dimples are small indentation that appear on the skin, especially the cheeks or chins. Some people have dimples on both cheeks, otherwise, it’s just one cheek. Babies tend to have dimples due to baby fats, but their dimples start to fade as the fats disappear.

Types of Dimples

There are actually two types of dimples, which are chin and cheek dimples. Chin dimples are caused by genetics deformity when the connective tissue around the mouth, known as mentalis muscle, fails to close at the chin, thus developing a gap. The most common cheek dimples are found on the sides of the mouth. A smile will make the dimples more obvious. They are formed by differences in the facial muscles and skin. It is also often said that cheek dimples are caused by an inherited dominant trait – they dominate over recessive traits. While dimples appear due to muscles variations or genes, they do not bring any negative health problems. Dimples are just small deformity caused by shortened facial muscles.

Are Dimples Attractive?

Dimples are certainly add-on bonuses to your facial features! If you were to enquire your group of friends or families, they will probably agree that dimples are adorable and youthful. Dimples can make a person’s smile more loveable and friendly. In some countries, dimples are treated as a sign of luck, beauty and fortune. Due to such advantages, many people are seeking to undergo the surgical procedure.

What is Dimple Creation?


Dimples are natural facial features and only appear in those with the genes. To those without dimples, they might wish that they have dimples as well. Many individuals might practice different methods such as pushing objects into their cheeks for 5 – 10 minutes, piercing, using makeup and even undergoing surgical procedures. There are certainly natural methods ranging from dimple exercises to makeup. However, you have to note that these techniques (usually completed at home) are not guaranteed to work effectively.

Dimple Creation Surgery


To obtain dimples effectively, it is necessary for individuals to go for dimples surgery or dimpleplasty, which is a procedure that uses suture technique with an intra-oral incision. The surgery is minimally invasive and relatively simple, with little complications. When it comes to facial treatments in Singapore, there are many clinics that offer aesthetic services. For dimple creation specifically, we recommend clinics such as Illumia Medical. With their skilful doctors who have performed credible number of procedures, customers can expect to receive their desired results for Dimples surgery. Our favourite recommendation is Dr Adrian Ooi from Illumia Medical’s plastic surgery department, who has is known for performing successful  plastic surgeries ranging from eyelid surgery to tummy tucks.

Dimple creation surgery generally takes 30 to 45 minutes and will not leave a scar on the face. There is minimal downtime and normal activity can resume one day after the surgery. After-care is important, and patients are encouraged to refrain from doing vigorous mouth movements for the first week. Cold packs can be applied to reduce swelling, but it will usually fade on its own within a few days.

Risks & Complications

Just like any other surgeries, there might be risks and complications encountered by patients. Certain complications include mild swelling, infection, facial nerve injury and scar formation. To minimise the possibility of complications, it is essential to seek treatment from a reputable doctor. Always ask your surgeon about the risks before the surgery. Understanding the risks will help to get you well-prepared beforehand.


Before you go down for an operation at a clinic, you must find out about their costs. Depending on how reputable the doctors are and how complicated the procedure is, the costs might start from a few thousand dollars. While you might consider opting for an affordable option, do watch out for clinics that do not provide safe treatments.

Although dimples might seem like small and trivial facial features, there have been a rise in dimples surgery or dimpleplasty recently – people want to look cute or smile elegantly like their celebrities such as Harry Styles or Miranda Kerr. Being influenced by their own favourite celebrities, fans will also be interested to look the same as them. Besides, we are always improving every day, regardless of our looks, fashion, intelligence or career.

Miranda-Kerr harry-styles

Dimples have been traditionally recognised as attractive and cute feature for both men and women. The increasing demand indicates that more people are enticed to get their own dimpled looks. While the surgery is slowly gaining fame, there are no scientific reasons how such thoughts or interests even sparked. Going under the knife is a significant decision, but people usually sacrifice a lot in the name of beauty. Thereafter, you can smile brightly with your new dimpled looks.