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Hello everyone! As promised, here’s the follow up post to my Ultra V Lift experience in Singapore!!! This is me, just ONE WEEK after the op!

Quite a lot of difference right!? Most the sagginess is now gone and you can see a distinct v shape face that was missing before.

I’m very pleased and satisfied with the V-lift and I once again want to thank Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge for making this possible for me! I finally have a more v shape face! Thanks so much Doctor Lee!

However, I’m still thinking I might need a bit of touch-up on one side so I’m going to check with doc about this during my next review.

v lift preparationsv lift preparations part 2

My 2nd review at Cambridge Medical Group. Doc does some markings at the spot I want some minor touch-up.

v lift procedure part 1v lift procedure part 2

Getting ready for a touch up on the v face

The past week has been good. I get compliments that I look a lot more youthful and energetic! Some think its the skincare I’m using; others think it’s the yoga classes starting to show effect. I think it’s due to the more v shape face I now have haha… /wink

Before & After my V-Lift

I think it’d be appropriate to show everyone a before/after shot now just so you can see the BIG difference!

BEFORE                             AFTER

v lift after v lift before

Notice the distinct difference of my face? The jowl used to creep all the way down to the chin and now it is all gone! Bye Bye Jowl!! 🙂

Now the big test is how long the effects of this V lift can last. I’m very happy with the results so far and the best thing is there’s no recovery time for v lifting and you can pretty much resume your daily activities almost immediately after the treatment.

The v lift also helps stimulate collagen growth in the face, which is a natural anti ageing process.

All in all, it was a great success!!! I look refreshed and I’m full of confidence now.

Singapore V Lift Questions

I’ve been asked many questions about this vlifting treatment so I will try my best to answer them here.

Will this v-lift leave any SCARS?

Ultra V Lift enhancement is very gently with no cuts and incisions as a very fine needle is used. Hence no scars will be seen after this type of facelifting treatment.

Is it safe and how long is the recovery phase?

The threads have been used in medicine for many years, so it is definitely safe! Right after the V lift, I can immediately see a lifted appearance and feel tightness on my face. In the hands of my skillful doctor, I did not have any downtime. To my delight, no pain felt after the treatment, just a little tightness feeling around my face area. The overall treatment time is around 20 mins. YES! It is just 20 mins only!! It is so fast and convincing : )

Which parts of the face is it suitable for?

Virtually every part of the face – sagging jawline, eyes, neck and many more! Of course, the most effective is the chin area to get that desired V shape face. Check out this diagram for more info.

V-Lift diagram


These PDO threads stimulate collagen, HA and elastin synthesis so in addition to a mechanical LIFT, skin is also further plumped up and youthful looking.

For those of you who missed my first review of the Ultra V Lift treatment at Cambridge, read it here!