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The SECRET of Youth is Collagen Stimulation


Collagen is a highly sought after miracle ingredient in the beauty industry. Youthful good looks are linked to having supple collagen and plumped cheeks. Losing collagen is inevitable as we age, and the result is sunken, wrinkled and dry skin. How much do you know about this miracle ingredient? Let’s do a some fact finding.

Myth 1: Creams containing Collagen can firm up your skin
Fact: Creams containing collagen are nice moisturizers, however, the cream molecules are usually too large and unable to go deep into the skin. The only way to truly have collagen benefits is really for your skin to produce collagen by itself.

Myth 2: Collagen foods and drink will make your skin radiant
Fact: We’ve all seen those collagen drinks and rich collagen ramen soups around… It’s understandable why you would think eating or to drink collagen works, but the truth is the collagen will get digested as food and very little (if not zero) gets to your skin.

Myth 3: Marine Collagen is superior to Animal Collagen
Fact: It really does not make a difference because collagen is collagen.

Myth 4: As you age, your body can’t create any more collagen
Fact: We never stop producing collagen. Although the production slows down with age, our skin is still capable of producing collagen!

collagen fibres

Here comes the golden question …

Is there a way we can stimulate our skin to produce its own collagen?


There’s actually more than 1 way to stimulate your own collagen! Let’s hear them!

1. Sculptra

I’m a fan of SCULPTRA, as you can see from all my other articles. That’s because SCULPTRA is a natural Collagen Stimulator and doing this procedure gets you looking better and better over time. I’m all for progressive procedures and I believe that stimulating my own collagen to grow is more sustainable and logical. Once injected, our skin’s ability to produce collagen is triggered and enhanced. The results are natural and refreshed looking skin, which is exactly what I want! Nothing plastic looking and no scary cherub face!

Sculptra is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Galderma (the same makers of Restylane), hence I believe it is a safe and credible product. Not many clinics are skilled in this procedure hence I want to recommend the only place I trust. It’s naturally the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore NUFFIELD AESTHETICS.

Headed by a team of awesome doctors and surgeons, they do great work with Sculptra. No pain and no downtime, just expertly applied. They are also known to train closely with the esteemed Dr Yun in Korea to develop newer injection techniques using Sculptra to lift the cheeks and soften deep lines on the face.

For total face rejuvenation, a combination of PDO Thread Lift with Sculptra is recommended. This gives very natural looking results with high patient satisfaction.

V Lift Thread Sculptra

2. Collagen Laser

Some lasers have the special benefit of stimulating collagen. These are usually light non-ablative lasers. They do work but multiple sessions are needed and it does take time. Good for maintenance I would say.

3. Esthefil

A similar product to Sculptra, Esthefil is a collagen stimulating alternative. It is quite new on the market in Singapore although widely used in Korea for many years, and has added benefits such as less nodule side effects and being longer lasting. Definitely worth checking this one out.

4. Skin Booster

A popular procedure that is available at many clinics. This treatment has many naming variations: 16-point injection, Vital lite, Water Drop, 水光针. It basically refers to the same treatment which is injecting a concoction into the skin that plumps, hydrates, lifts, tightens and stimulates collagen. Typically, you can choose what ‘cocktail’ is injected into your skin. You can even choose to inject a mix of botox, dysport, HA, placenta, etc. The result is a hydrated dewy skin!

Skin Booster


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