Weight loss

Cryolipolysis the Fat Killing Machine


People have been trying for years find the trick to losing weight with minimal effort. Until now, the magic formula has been working to create the caloric deficit with proper diet and exercise. However, a new device that almost resembles a vacuum cleaner is claiming that it can reduce fat without the traditional effort.

The treatment, called Cryolipolysis, performs a process that is being referred to as “fat freezing”.

Claims are that this process will freeze away excess fat in all of those troublesome areas. It is being marketed as a non-invasive way to avoid more invasive procedures like liposuction and promises to leave no scars.

Without damaging the skin, the process claims to use sub-zero temperatures to kills fall cells, leaving the skin undamaged. Clinics are opening all the time around the country offering this treatment, which claims that it can attack up to 50% of fat cells in one area in just one treatment. Some clients are reporting that they see results in a little as 48 hours.

The treatment works by placing a gelatin-like sheet over the skin to be treated, and using the vacuum-like machine to pull areas of fat into the machine before applying the cold to it. It attacks the subcutaneous layer, which lies just below the skin.

There are some naysayers though; some doctors are coming out in reports saying that they have treated patients for burns – some serious, after receiving the treatment. The problem is that people who might be extremely unqualified to offer the service are often luring patients in with low prices, promising amazing results. It just goes to show that the magic treatment might be too good to be true.

One patient named Sarah Hall decided that she was going to get the procedure done and chose an establishment that was making promises of permanently destroying cells after just one treatment.

After a few hours, Sarah reported that the skin on her stomach had starting to blister and turn red. In so much pain that it was causing nausea, she decided to seek medical attention. The doctor reported that Sarah was suffering from serious burns that they compared to those resulting from frostbite.

It was later discovered that the person who treated Sarah at the Cryolipolysis clinic was trained only in hairdressing.