Sculptra Singapore Cost & Review

Review of Sculptra in Singapore

Of the various anti-ageing techniques available today, based on personal experience, I would have to say Sculptra ranks among the best in Singapore. First of all, Sculpta in Singapore can only be performed by certified doctors. This already gives you a sense of trust as beauty saloons can pretty much run any treatment they want but doctor treatments have to be regulated by the Ministry of Health, which ensures the treatments work. Sculptra cost is also relatively competitive. If we look at how much it cost to do Sculptra vs other methods such as fillers, facelifts and machine-based treatments and facials in beauty salons and spas over the long term, we can see that Sculptra’s cost probably are around the same. For the price of around $1k+ per shot, Sculptra is cost effective.

In this blog, I will review Sculptra in Singapore more in-depth. But first, a quick introduction to why I turned to it.

Once a woman hit 30, she either begins getting ageing quite quickly, or she starts worrying about every single wrinkle. This is not just a matter of vanity. It is a normal, visible process that has been happening all over her body. No lady can resist the alternative to remain young. And every lady tries with her best efforts to accomplish this goal.

Of course, the modern world has made up numerous of ways for a woman to hide her real age and to show younger appearance. There are dozens of methods for a woman to look younger – specially tailored makeup tutorials, serums, spa procedures, massages and whatever ordinary or weird you can think of to put on your facial skin. Some of these methods are ok and others are not that ok. But they all have one very big fault – they are not permanent or at least they are very timely and their effect lasts for days.

The most commonly used anti-ageing treatments in Singapore are Sculptra, Ellanse, Aesthefil and Juvederm. You can find Juvederm and Sculptra reviews in Singapore quite easily. All 3 help the face look young again, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. As most of my personal experience is with Sculptra and Ellanse, I will be reviewing the 2 of them more. Despite being less common in Singapore, I opted for Sculptra after reading about the application effects of Juvederm. It helped that I had a great doctor who was able to answer the questions I needed to know too. As mentioned earlier, Sculptra cost in Singapore is also very acceptable. For those interested, I went to Illumia Medical at Wheelock Place.

Now as for both Aesthefil, Ellanse and Sculptra, they are all similar products that work by stimulating the collagen in your skin (using PLLA) to reverse the ageing process. This results in disappearing wrinkles and tightened skin. The difference between the 2 lies mainly in how deep it penetrates and how “heavy” it is. As such, you see neither of these being prescribed to extremely sensitive areas such as the eyelid etc.

Sculptra Cost

As for the cost of it, Sculptra shots in Singapore usually come at around the $1,000 to $2,000 mark. Prices can go up or down depending on how many needles you take. But the effect is extremely long-lasting (around 2 years) which makes it a lot more bang-for-buck than other treatments around. The way Sculptra reverses the aging process using natural collagen also makes it a lot more attractive than conventional beauty treatments or plastic surgery.

You can find out more about these as I link you to Sculptra reviews and compare the cost and clinics available.

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Sculptra Review Comparison

Method Pros Cons Overall Rating
Botox/Fillers Instant and 0 downtime Need to go back once every year. Does not fix the problem at the root cause. Might look “plastic” if not done right. 6/10
Sculptra Instant and 0 downtime. Reverses the effect of ageing with natural collagen from the body. Sculptra cost is slightly greater but it saves a lot in a long run. Takes 6-12 months to fully reach maximum effect. Hard to find a doctor that’s an expert at Sculptra. 9/10
Face Lift Long lasting Painful. Long downtime. Expensive. Painful. Painful. Painful. 3/10
Thread Lift Painless. Can be done within 2 hours. Low downtime. A new method that’s not 100% proven yet. 6/10
Fat Transfer Natural fats into your face. Fixes the problem at the root cause. Expensive. Long downtime. 8/10 (if you can handle the recovery period)
Rejuran Derived from Salmon DNA, Rejuran is not a filler. Instead, it promotes healing and improves skin texture. Moderately priced. Minimal plumping of skin. 8/10 (if you can handle the recovery period)

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We found an aesthetic clinic that carries all these treatments and comes highly recommended. Check them out here:  Illumia Medical located at #05-12 Wheelock Place. T: 6454 5465 | Whatsapp: 9656 5464


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