weight loss
Weight loss

Creating Balance when Managing Weight


Many people are interested in losing weight, especially with the portrayals of body image that we see in the media.

Consistent and balanced dieting is more important than fad diets that cause inconsistencies in weight. While we should avoid spending much energy in being depressed about not having that perfectly toned body, we should also avoid surrendering to the unhealthy lifestyle.

We had a conversation with a renowned doctor about the importance of healthy eating habits. What he shared with us is that moderation is the key to a healthy and balanced diet. He helped create a program which serves to help educated people in the science of weight loss and maintenance. The program is a mixture of counselling on diet and exercise, and medications that are clinically proven to aid in the weight loss program for each patient.

Is there any truth to the whole “more protein and fewer carbs” viewpoint?

For us Singaporeans, this is a generally accepted concept – but it’s important that we remember everything must be consumed in moderation.

Carbs are critical to the functioning of the human body as the body’s primary source of energy. They are made up of sugars and starches, and we know that excess sugars can be problematic in our diet. These sugars can be made into fat and cause not only increases in weight, but also can lead to increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. In the case of protein, it is critical to the development of muscle in our body. Muscles are important to overall health as they help keep us lean by increasing our total metabolic rate – so muscle helps keep us lean. Thus, it is generally a good idea to limit carbs and increase consumption of lean protein.

How about the argument that it is better to eat several small meals during the day as opposed to three large meals?

What that does for the body is keep the blood sugar levels consistent throughout the day and keep the levels from spiking. This can help prevent overeating and aid in the reduction of the total caloric intake for the day.

What advice do you have for someone looking to maintain their good figure?

Again, moderation is the key. Make sure that you avoid skipping meals and eat your food slowly, allowing you to feel the sensation of “full” at the appropriate time. Ensure that your lifestyle includes exercise and make sure to find the time for cryolipolysis also known as fat freeze – is the process that freezes fat cells via a cooling treatment. This treatment causes fat cells to “die” and the body then naturally removes these cells – resulting in fat loss.