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Cecilia Chng Thread Lift review

I’ve been hesitant about writing this post for a while now. Sure, it sounded exciting at first, but I just wasn’t certain I wanted to share this experience so publicly. Nonetheless, my friends have encouraged me and I’ve decided to review my entire thread lift experience. I hope this helps those of you out there that are considering doing a thread lift or face lift in Singapore.

To start off, let me just say this – “Beauty is not just vanity… It is valuing yourself.”

Especially for someone like me working in the beauty industry, it is my principle to keep myself at my best condition at all times.

“Looking good is my way of showing respect to all my clients, it also represents professionalism.”

Cecilia Chng Thread Lift review 2

See the deep lines that are very visible? I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who gets concerned whenever they see a new wrinkle or their cheeks start to sag, as the first signs of ageing translate through their facade. (Gravity hasn’t been very kind to either of us!)

Finding a Good Facelift in Singapore

I’ve been researching ways to look my best for a while now. I’ve considered many options in my weeks of research and after a few of my friends’ recommendations, I decided to go for a thread lift! A thread lift is a subcategory of a facelift. It can work in different areas like mid face, jowl, brow, neck, and lower face.

I read that it sprung in Korea over 20 years ago and has evolved from using permanent threads to employing absorbable materials (like the Silhouette soft thread lift, which uses biodegradable poly-l-lactic acid.)

The difference between a thread lift and a facelift is that thread lifts are much less painful than normal facelifts. They are non-surgical procedures and the results seem to be just as good. One important factor that I considered was the downtime.

I didn’t want to spend 3-4 weeks at home recovering (it would have happened if I went for a surgical facelift), so I needed something that would let me get instant results, permanent, and need not have any recovery time.

Thread Lift in singapore


The stitches used in thread lifts are also completely dissolvable and it helps to stimulate collagen in your skin tissue! Did my research well and found some samples of before and after pictures of people who used the same facelifting treatment – pretty amazing ya?

Before and After Thread Lift

Thread Lift Before and After 2

The results look impressive. Not only do the deep lines diminish, but the lifting effects are visible! I excitedly consulted 4 different doctors just to get different opinions and quotes about my face slimming procedure. I even went to what is most probably Singapore’s most well known aesthetic clinic, but prices were a bit high and I didn’t feel too comfortable there.

My Thread Lift Experience

Finally, I decided to go with a clinic at Orchard called Cambridge Medical. I have quite a few friends who have recommend this place, you can find their website here. The doctor at Cambridge really helped me a lot! I feel comfortable talking the to doctor and they explained the step-by-step processes of the thread lifting process and gave me assurance. (Thanks, Dr Lee!) The thread lift procedure that they use is also special in the sense that it is actually a V lift.

Now, you might be confused now with all the terms (face lift, threadlift, V lift). Basically, just think of a V lift as a threadlifting treatment that also sharpens the chin and creates a more beautiful V shape face.

Thread Lift Medical


Despite looking so atas their prices are surprisingly AFFORDABLE!

Thread Lift prices


(They have an elegant reception and waiting area)

When I first entered, I felt cold and a little excited, the friendly staff quickly offered me some warm green tea and started talking to me, immediately I felt more relief.

Soon, Dr Lee came in and started to explain to me how my thread lift or V-lift will be done. He was very friendly and made sure I felt comfortable and confident before proceeding. That’s the one thing I like most about the doctor in Cambridge Medical. I feel that doctors shouldn’t hard sell to patients because, after all, it is our decision and our body. I’m glad I picked this clinic.

Thread Lift face markers

Before: Notice my deep JOWL lines    

(Doctor making the markings on my face)

Step 1: The doctor starts with markings on my face. He designs exactly where the threads for the lift will go and how high the final face lift will be. The doctor will also let us know by simulating it and showing it to us in front of a mirror. I liked what I saw and I trusted him so I told him to just proceed.

Thread Lift instruments Thread Lift Procedure Starts

The pink needles are called tornadoes!

Once ready, the nurses started cleaning my face and applying numbing cream in the treatment areas. At this point, the doctor came up to me and tells me to relax and not to worry too much. True enough, the numbing effect kicks in and I can’t feel anything at all!

Before I knew it, the thread lift was over. I did not feel any kind of bleeding or enlargement of anything. I must admit, at this point, I was rather shocked that the entire thread-lift process was so painless! And just like what Dr Lee was telling me! No downtime! And no side effects.

My Thread Lift Results


Thread Lift Result 


ONE Day after the V-face thread lift

The result was beyond what I had expected, I was already happily snapping some selfies,  haha. Notice how my jowls have almost instantly disappeared?

To close my eyes with something you don’t like, and in just 20 mins it’s all perfect…. The skin tightening process was on.


Now for those of you looking to try a thread lift in Singapore to slim down your face, you can try any Ultra V Lift out there, but I suggest you do some research first, consult MULTIPLE doctors before making a decision. Personally, I felt my experience was good and I would highly recommend Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge to those who are interested in this facelift. I will keep you guys posted on how things turned out for me

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