An Insider’s Guide to Non-Invasive Eyebag Removal in Singapore

It’s human nature to slather on a drugstore-bought lotion on your body, but be willing to pamper your face with a $500 serum. Or even settle for a frills-free facial moisturiser, but shell out for a teensy jar of potion designed for use around the eyes.

Why’s that? Because there’s good reason to pamper certain parts of the body more than other parts:

Your face is the point of focus when others are talking to you; whereas your eyes are given even higher priority as they are the windows to your soul (excuse us for veering into cheesy pick-up line territory).

Furthermore, the skin on your face differs from that of your body – it’s more delicate and exposed to the elements. In fact, the area around your eyes are the most fragile, with its skin being thinner and the first to show the signs of ageing. It also protects one’s highly delicate organs — your eyes.

Eyebags – the bane of our existence

Most of us are fearful of undergoing procedures around the eyes. That’s natural. Even though eyebag removal surgery is a pretty standard treatment in the aesthetics world, the idea of having a scalpel anywhere near your peepers is enough to trigger a loss of sleep. But that does not mean you should live with less-than-pretty peepers of course! Today, there are non-invasive procedures that target a whole range of eye concerns, including the fragile undereye eyebag region. However, finding the right doctor with adequate training and experience to treat this highly sensitive area is crucial.

Non-surgical Eyebag Removal Solutions

Non-surgical eyebag removal originates from Korea – the Asian mecca for all things aesthetic.

They invented the innovative aesthetics treatment called Eye Revo, which reduces the appearance of mild to moderate eyebag conditions (including wrinkles around the eye area) without going under the knife. In Singapore, this procedure can be found in very select aesthetic clinics. A notable place is at the Cambridge Medical Group where the medical founder – Dr Lee Mun Heng, is the very first Singaporean doctor to perform this eyebag removal procedure.

Eye Revo involves the use of a fine, round-tipped micro-needle to precisely target the right kind of excess fat in the eye region with radio-frequency (RF). The application of RF energy, combined with an injectable called Poly-L-lactic acid, also helps tighten and firm the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.

But just because this eyebag removal procedure is not surgical does not mean that just about anyone could ace it.

“The success of an Eye Revo procedure is highly dependent on the skills of the doctor,” explains Dr Lee.

“During the procedure, the skin is stretched to ensure that the micro-needle is properly positioned, and that the excess fat is nicely dispersed for a smooth finish.”

This eyebag removal procedure is a signature service at Cambridge Medical Aesthetics Clinic and a highly popular one as well. Doing a high volume of eyebag cases is definitely an important consideration when choosing an aesthetic clinic to treat your eye area.

Minimal discomfort

The best thing is that there is no cutting involved in the Eye Revo procedure. So if you have a low threshold for pain then worry not because this eyebag removal procedure feels a little like ‘mosquito stings’ and the discomfort is also managed by the application of topical anaesthesia.

Because the procedure does not involve any form of incision, there is zero scarring involved. The use of a cannula (which is a non-sharp, thin tubed needle) also ensures a higher level of safety and a reduced risk of damage to blood vessels. There is also no down-time – hip hip hooray!

Does it work for the upper eyelids?

Amazing, yes! Although the procedure mainly targets eyebags under the eyes, it can also be done on the upper eyelids which can accumulate fat and get heavy as we age. An effect known as hooding occurs where the upper eyelids start drooping – making the eyes appear smaller. When Eye Revo is done on the upper eyelids, the whole eye area looks lifted and fresher.


Who is suitable for Eye Revo?

No cutting, no scarring, no down-time, mostly pain-free… wow so what’s the catch? Well, sadly the Eye Revo isn’t suitable for everyone. This eyebag removal procedure works best for mild to moderate eyebags. This means that if you have moderate to severe eyebags, then Eye Revo will not be as effective for you. This typically refers to bulgy eyebags that have accumulated to form a bigger piece of fat deposit under the eyes. In such cases, traditional eye bag removal done by a plastic surgeon may be the best course of action.

What is the price like?

The price of eye revo is $3800/-. Traditional eyebag removal costs $4000/-

Where to find the Eye Revo procedure:

Cambridge Medical Group

Dr Lee Mun Heng
Cambridge Medical Group
391B Orchard Rd #08-05A Tower B Ngee Ann City Singapore 238874
T: 6733 0777