Rejuran Healer

Everything You Need to Know About Rejuran Healer


In recent times, there has been an explosion in popularity of this miracle treatment named Rejuran Healer. Rejuran Healer originated from South Korea and is currently the talk of the town (or city). It was first made popular in Asian countries where smooth complexion is highly desirable.

What Is Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran Healer is a DNA-oriented skin treatment derived from salmon. DNA extract of salmon is broken down into polynucleotides (also known as PN) – which literally means multiple nucleotide monomers bonded together.

How Does Rejuran Healer Work?

The polynucleotides that have been obtained from salmon are biologically similar to human DNA.

This similarity allows for:

  • Increased regenerative abilities of the skin through stimulation of growth factors
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Anti-inflammatory effects through blockage of inflammatory cytokines in the body

Rejuran Healer

In layman terms, this means that Rejuran Healer is able to:

  • Improve skin texture and tone
  • Make prominent wrinkles less obvious
  • Repair damaged skin
  • Strengthen damaged skin
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Improve skin elasticity

Rejuran Healer is suitable to improve these conditions:

  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin sagging
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull skin
  • Dark eye circles

Is Rejuran Healer Safe?

Rejuran is very safe! Admittedly, the idea of rubbing fish DNA on soft and delicate skin might put you (or your stomach) off.

However, Rejuran Healer has been through clinical trials and testing and has been found to be compatible with the human body.

You should note that the salmon DNA used in Rejuran Healer has been ‘modified’ to be free of any proteins that would cause your body’s immune system to attack.

How Is the Treatment Carried Out?

Typically, the treatment process for Rejuran Healer goes like this:

  1. Numbing cream is applied on the skin and you wait for about 15 minutes to let the cream take effect
  2. Rejuran Healer is injected underneath your skin in small amounts

And you’re done! Surprised? It really is that simple considering the fact that Rejuran Healer is minimally invasive. A place that provides a great Rejuran procedure is Nuffield Aesthetics.

What Should I Expected Post Treatment?

You should expect some swelling and bruise that is not severe. There will also be visible bumps that will disappear in a few hours.

Results are fast but not immediate – it should take about 3 weeks before you begin to notice results. Some patients achieve results faster than others. Remember that healing is taking place, and the skin is repairing itself.

The treatment is best done 3 – 4 times, 3 weeks apart. Only after the full duration of treatment (including healing time) can best results be achieved. Maintenance treatment should be done once every 9 months after though this varies from patient to patient.

Can This Treatment Be Done Alongside Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Yes, definitely! Rejuran Healer is usually done alongside other aesthetic treatments. This allows the different treatments to work synergistically to improve the skin.

However, it is vital that you inform your aesthetic doctor of any course of treatments or conditions you are undergoing/have undergone/have. This includes non-aesthetic treatments (i.e. high blood pressure).

Surely There Are Some Negative Side-Effects?

At the present moment, there really seems to be no serious negative side-effects. The worst seems to be the bruising and swelling that might occur immediately after receiving the treatment.

However, it is definitely worth noting that use of PN for aesthetic treatment is not well documented.

What does this mean? It does not mean that it is not safe, but rather implies that more clinical studies and trials have to be conducted to further ascertain its safety and efficacy.

Rejuran Healer is an extremely promising and definitely exciting treatment. If you would like to receive a course of Rejuran Healer, do consult your aesthetic physician today! If you this article has gotten you more interested to learn about dermal face fillers in general, we have a comprehensive article that goes in-depth into these treatments, what are their benefits and cons, how much they cost and more.