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Consumer’s Guide To the Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Singapore Has


When the inevitable phase of your life draws near, there are a few treatment options you could explore to slow down the hair loss process. So before you go and and buy supplements or schedule an appointment, you should first learn about the most effective hair loss treatment in Singapore; some of which include:

  • Prescription and OTC drugs
  • Scalpelectroporation (S.E.P)
  • Cell Nutrition therapy
  • Laser Treatment
  • Hair transplants
  • Lifestyle Changes

All these processes have yielded very impressive results in the treatment of hair loss. If you’re interested in learning more abut how to stop that receding hairline in its tracks and the most effective hair loss treatment Singapore has, read on!

Hair loss vs Hair thinning


Generally, hair loss is used to describe a reduction in the actual number of hair strands attached to your scalp. For example, if you have approximately 5000 strands attached to your scalp at any given time and if your hair strands start to fall off permanently, then you’re now left with only 3000 strands per time – when this happens you would be  experiencing hair loss.

Hair thinning on the other hand describes the thickness of hair follicle. Hair thinning is usually associated with aging – the older you get, the weaker and thinner your hair follicles start to appear. In addition to aging, elongated use of chemical dyes and similar hair products could result in hair thinning. If you’re dealing with hair thinning, the most effective treatment strategy would involve improving your hair’s strength, life cycle and overall resistance to damage.

And if you’ve been using products that cause damage to your hair, stop! Hair loss on the other hand may require a more customized treatment plan depending on the cause and extent of hair loss you’re currently dealing with. In both situations, there’s no reason to panic, with the right treatment plan from experts, you will look like yourself again.

Treating Hair Loss with Supplements and Over-the-Counter Medication


A trip to your nearest drugstore would reveal a thousand and one supplements and over the counter medications that promise to reverse your hair loss and grow your hair really quickly. Trust me, all of it can get very confusing especially with influencers assuring you that these products work for them too. The thing however with supplements however is that there is usually very little data to back up their claims.

So I know you’re wondering, “has it always been an elaborate lie?”. The answer is: Not really. The truth is: vitamins DO work. But the thing is, they work just as well if you apply them on your hair as if you ate them in your food. So if you ate your vegetables like your mum advised you to, then you may not need supplements.

Now medication on the other hand, is a little more complex than that. There are certain drugs that have proven effective especially in the treatment of male and female hair loss. In Singapore, two drugs have been approved for the treatment of hair loss – Minoxidil and Finasteride. These drugs might take up to several moths to yield results but you will see them eventually. Also remember, that although men may be the face of most hair loss treatment programs, women also experience hair loss.

Available Hair Loss Treatments

Currently, there are different treatment options for hair loss which range all the way from laser treatments to hair transplant surgeries. We would discuss some of them in detail:

Scalpelectroporation (SEP)

scalpelectroporation hair loss treatment

S.E.P. therapy is a procedure that involves the delivery of macromolecules and ionic solutions to the scalp. This process relies on electrolysis to break down the solutions without causing any damage to tissue to surrounding tissue and cells. It is a new and breakthrough technology first discovered and utilised for hair loss in Korea, and now available in Singapore.

Scalpelectroporation is clinically proven by dermatologists to combat hair loss and improve the appearance of thinning hair follicles”

One place you can find Scalpelectroporation is at Papilla Haircare – where they apply this technology to deliver solutions such as L-cartinine, collagen, phospatidylcoline, Salmon PDRN etc. These ingredients are clinically proven by dermatologists to combat hair loss and improve the appearance of thinning hair follicles.


Laser Treatment (LLLT)

lllt hair loss treatment

Low Level Laser Treatment (or LLLT for short) is usually applied to reduce inflammation in hair follicles. Inflammation has been said to reduce the ability of hair follicles to regrow. Although there are limited studies to prove the efficacy of laser treatments for hair loss, a 2016 study has confirmed that laser treatments are safe and effective in the treatment of male pattern baldness.


Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves the transplanting of hair follicles from healthy areas of the scalp to balding regions. There are two major haur transplant procedures – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) involves removing skin from a part of the scalp that has an abundance of hair follicles, removing the follicles from that portion of skin and re-inserting the follicles into the parts of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). involves removing the follicles directly from healthy portions of the sclap and transplanting to the balp parts of the scalp. Like all surgical procedures, there are risks of scarring and infections with hair transplantation and several procedures may be required to get the desired outcome.

In general, hair transplantation is one of the treatment methods that can guarantee permanent results.

Hair Loss treatment in Singapore and their Effectiveness Rate

Based on online trends and social media comments. Many Singaporeans believe that hair loss is permanent. However, like you have seen in this post, that is not nearly the case. Of all the treatment methods that have been discussed, here are some of the most commonly used ones and their effectiveness rates.

Minoxidil– An over-the-counter (OTC) FDA-approved treatment for hair loss
– Requires a prescription; has been proven to produce results with continuous use
– Statistically significant increase in hair counts in all the men between ages of 18 to 49 years old that received the treatment in 2007
Hair Transplant– One of the most effective ways to resolve hair loss
– Records excellent results within months of the surgery
Laser Treatment (LLLT)– Involves focusing low light on the cells on the scalp
– Targets inflammation, scar tissue and encourages the repair and regrowth of new hair follicles.
– 70% of participants showed at least a 30% improvement in hair loss symptoms after low light laser therapy in a verified study performed at Gwanju Health University South Korea
– Also experience rapid decline in hair thinning symptoms, the effects were confirmed to be safe and long-lasting
Scalp Radio Frequency Treatment– RF treatments cleared by dermatologists to induce growth factors and increase activity in the dermal papilla
– Tiny pins are used to deliver about 700 pulses to the hair follicles at Papilla Haircare, resulting in a boosted collagen production and hair regrowth
Salmon PDRN (like Rejuran Healer)– Uses salmon DNA to repair hair follicles at a cellular level
– Delivered to the follicles using RF technology which repairs DNA damage and enhances regeneration
– Studies showed at least 30% improvement in hair count, 18% improvement in shaft thickness and produces no side effects

Hair Loss Treatment Price


Hair loss treatment price differ depending on the equipment, technology, protocol and ingredients used. If you are going for proven therapies such as Salmon PRN, Low Light Laser Therapy, Scalpelectroporation or Scalp RF, then the price would be higher as these are the latest and proven technologies. The price for these would range between $150 to $450 per session.

Treatments based on TCM or eastern medicine using herbs or essential oils, the use of head massage will tend to be cheaper. This could range from $100 to $350 per session.

A hair transplant would cost in the range of $8,000 to $20,000 depending on how many hair follicles are being grafted.  Although it works, this method is costly and there is downtime (of about 2 to 3 months), and hence used only as a last resort.

Remember, hair loss is not the end of the world. Start early and schedule a consultation with a trichologist or hair specialist to get a proper diagnosis. From then on, you would be on the right path towards getting your scalp problems effectively treated with the correct hair loss treatment. So if you think your hair is thinning or you’re losing hair more quickly than you should at your age, you already know what to do – put a call through. For some of our top recommendations, check out this list of some of the best hair loss treatment Singapore has.