Sculptra Singapore

Sculptra Singapore Price

I promised a review of Sculptra along with other competing methods of facelifts and thread lift in Singapore. So here it is.

Note that I am slightly biased as I ended up picking Sculptra due to the reasons you’d see later on (pain and surgery being a big deterrent for me).

In another page, we have already compared the differences and benefits of facelifting, threadlifting and fat transfer methods in Singapore. I have also mentioned the Sculptra price in the other articles but I still get many questions about it. Here, we will look more closely at Sculptra in Singapore and review it’s effects. We will also talk about Sculptra’s price as that seems to be a major question mark.

Sculptra Singapore

scluptra before afterscluptra liquid facelift

Picture: this is the effect of Sculptra – the liquid facelift!

Sculptra is a powerful injectable that actually REVERSES the ageing process!!! It stimulates the production of YOUR OWN collagen and will help your face to gradually look younger as you age. Imagine it! YOU START TO GROW YOUNGER INSTEAD OF OLDER! MIRACLE! It has no downtime too which is nice.

Sculptra isn’t alone in its miracle effect though. There are other competing alternatives such as Ellanse and Juvederm. What you ultimately pick will depend on which part of the face you inject, how many needles you take and what effect you are seeking. In general, Sculptra is the most ideal for lifting saggy faces and sunken cheeks.

Sculptra Price

Sculptra results get progressively better and the final result takes 6-12 months to see full effects. You don’t just become young overnight which is ok too because no one can tell like right away. The technique is very important hence it’s so very very important to go to a doctor who really knows how to inject it properly and which areas to inject.

As for the prices, the price of one Sculptra treatment usually hovers around the $1,000 mark. Note that this Sculptra price is only for Singapore. I am not sure how much it would cost if you do it overseas in Thailand or Taiwan. In fact, I’m not even sure if Sculptra is available in Thailand. I guess it will be, but I wouldn’t trust just any random doctor to do it. The experience of the doctor is very important in such treatments.

What I usually do when I compare prices is to not just look for the cheapest Sculptra prices in Singapore. I recommend instead looking at all the other competing treatments as well (botox, fillers, facelift, threadlift etc) and compare prices across the board. For those that are too expensive, immediately cross them out. From what is left, I will start to select based on the method’s advantages and disadvantages. Sculptra is a natural collagen stimulating technique, which doesn’t cause pain or have downtime. The drawback is that it takes time for the body to naturally become younger. Things like fillers are short term but have immediate results. Others like surgery are longer-lasting (usually last 1-2 years more than Sculptra) but have significant pain and downtime. It is up to you to decide which is the best option for you. Once you have that all figured out, it will become easier to compare the Sculptra price to other treatments.

However, because the results from Ellanse and Sculptra are so dependent on the injector’s skill and experience, we particularly recommend this trusted clinic:

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