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Why Belly Fat Develops


One of the most difficult areas to lose fat is the belly.

This problem is universal, with both men and women struggling to keep weight off of the area. If this is your experience, don’t worry, you’re far from alone. While there are many reasons why you may develop and keep belly fat on your body, we’ve outline three important reasons why it sticks around.

Failing to Eat Breakfast

Consistent, nutritious meals are critical to your weight loss journey. If you skip breakfast in the morning, you’re slowing down your metabolism and setting yourself up to fail for the rest of the day. Breakfast plays a pivotal role in regulating blood sugar and keeps you fuller longer. Try to consumer a fiber and protein-rich breakfast to get the most out of your morning routine.

Not Doing the Correct Exercises

Belly fat cannot be lost without targeted exercise. However, you have to think outside of the crunches box to the make the most of your exercise routine. Cardio is the route to take to burn up that pesky spare tire. While abdominal exercises stimulate and strengthen the muscles underneath the belly, it takes fat burning exercises to get rid of what sits on top of them. Start with cardio and work your way out.

Too much Alcohol in Your Diet

Drinking wine one or two nights a week isn’t going to hurt you, but overdoing it several nights a week will undoubtedly lead to belly fat. If you opt for beer or sugary sweet drinks, cut them out completely. They spike your blood sugar and make it hard for your body to shed extra calories. Start by cutting back what you drink each week and then make it your goal to go without for one whole month and see the difference.

Keep these tips in mind to prevent belly fat from creeping up on you and to shed what’s already there!