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What are Nose Thread lifts?


Nose thread lifts have become increasingly popular, especially within the Asian community.

Thread Lifts are comparatively better than other nose enhancing procedures, like nose fillers or rhinoplasty. Nose fillers are good for certain effects like giving the nose a little more height or smoothing out the uneven parts of a nose. Rhinoplasty is a procedure known for restoring the original form of the nose through resolving any nasal trauma or birth defects. These two procedures are invasive by nature, take more time to be done and require a much longer recovery period.

But when it comes to contouring and defining, a thread lift is the way to go. One of the reasons that nose thread lifts are better is that it creates a higher yet natural looking nose bridge and makes a nose sharper. Another reason is that it reduces the nose tip, thus making the nose look smaller as a whole. It can also straighten a nose bridge. The thread lift procedure is suitable for both men and women. Men will especially benefit from the procedure when it is combined with a nose filler as the results are more defined and visible.  However, men would require more threads as they are larger than women. This form of nose enhancement is generally painless, which makes it a great option for those with a low threshold of pain tolerance.

Notice how the word ‘enhance’ is repeated? It is important to remember that this procedure is not equivalent to corrective surgery, meaning undergoing this procedure will not fix any kind of nasal deformity or make your nose smaller. A nose thread lift is suited for those who are interested in correcting minor flaws like bumps or ridges on their nose. Should you be looking to correct anything more than a bump, you would require surgical intervention. When choosing which procedure to get done, it is important to keep your desired outcome in mind as there are different procedures to get different jobs done. You could do your own research or book a consultation session to see which procedure is able to help you achieve your vision.

The process of nose thread lifts

Let’s begin with the tools used or in this case, the threads used in the procedure. These threads are called polydioxanone threads or PDO for short. PDO threads dissolve into the skin over time, creating new collagen and tissue fibroblasts which cause the skin to tighten and resulting in your nose’s definition and contour being enhanced. The procedure gives you a higher nose as it provides a scaffold to adjust the nose as desired. The act itself is simple and quick; it can typically be done in less than half an hour. The results of this procedure last between 1 and 2 years long and are semi-permanent. This is due to the tightening effect the new collagen has on the skin.

Here’s a rundown of the process from start to finish.

  1. The area for the thread lift is marked, numbing cream or anaesthesia is applied and following that, an injection is administered in preparation for the thread lift.
  2. The PDO threads are placed horizontally into the bridge and vertically into the tip of your nose.

With any kind of adjustments made to the body, there will always be the possibility of you not liking what you received. Unsatisfactory results could be due to the type of thread used as thick threads can leave scars on your nose and thin threads might have no effect at all. If you have attempted this procedure before but achieved none of the desired results, there are a few reasons that could have happened. The first being that possibly the wrong threads were used. The second reason is that the wrong number of threads were inserted and the third reason is that the wrong technique was used. The correct threads with the right thickness must be used to get the lift. It is very important to discuss the procedure at length with the person conducting the enhancement. This is because there is also no set number of threads that should be used during the procedure as the number varies from individual to individual and will be advised by the practitioner.

Nose Thread

Nose Thread Lift Aftercare

As this procedure is only made of one injection, there are little to no side effects and thus, need no downtime. You should be able to go about your normal routine immediately after the procedure. The most one could experience is some discomfort but that should go away within a day or two. As with any form of surgery, there is always the risk of an infection. To prevent this, facial products including makeup should not be applied for 3 hours following the procedure. A redo of this procedure is highly encouraged between the 6 to 12 months that come after the procedure for maximum effect.