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Hair loss

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss
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Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons. There is a genetic link, but it can also be due to poor diet and lack of hair protection regime.

You can limit the amount of hair that you lose, and even prevent it in some cases. While you can’t change your genes, you can do the following things to prevent hair loss from occurring.

Follow a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Your hair is like the rest of your body. It needs nutrients to look full and luxurious. If you don’t get the right diet, you will find your hair dies quicker and is more likely to fall out. Now is the time to change your diet—no, it is never too late.

Focus on a healthy and balanced diet. This doesn’t mean cut out all those takeaways, cakes and chocolates. It just means eat them in moderation. Get more fruit and vegetables, lean meats and starchy carbohydrates to get all the nutrients your body needs.

Limit the Use of Heat

Hair dryers, curlers and straightening irons are popular tools, but they cause damage to the hair. This can lead to it falling out as the roots are damaged beyond repair. Where possible, use natural methods to curl your hair or dry it. Patting your hair dry with a towel is much better than constantly using the heat.

If you really need to use the heat, put a protective treatment over your hair. Men and women will both benefit from this! It’s also worth keeping the heat low. You will still get the benefits, but will just take longer to dry your hair or curl/straighten it.

Watch Out for Chemicals

If you love to dye your hair, it’s time to look at the products you use. Chemicals will damage the roots and that leads to hair loss. Cutting them out completely is really useful, and there are lots of healthy, natural ways to color your hair. If you really want to dye or bleach your hair, limit the amount you do it to protect your hair.

You can prevent hair loss by looking after it. A healthy diet works well, especially when you cut out the heat and the chemicals.