salmon dna

Using Salmon DNA to Get Baby-Like Skin (Rejuran Healer)


In the past few years, in an attempt to make aesthetic treatments less invasive and more efficacious, researchers have discovered new and exciting novel methods in improving skin quality.
One such way would be Rejuran Healer. It utilises polynucleotides obtained by breaking down salmon DNA that is extracted from salmon (if you didn’t know that already).

Rejuran Healer

Is This Just Another Unsubstantiated Craze?

Absolutely not! Though Rejuran Healer is extremely popular right now (you would have heard of buzzwords like salmon DNA extract), there is substance behind its popularity! One might even say that substance might be genetic.
Rejuran Healer mainly works by delivering the aforementioned polynucleotides into your skin cells, stimulating and accelerating cell growth and repair. This stimulation results in reversal of signs of ageing as well as cellular damage within and on the skin (such as acne scars).
It is worth noting that the polynucleotides are typically found in human skin as well, as its role is to repair damaged skin.

How Efficacious Is Rejuran Healer?

As the title suggests, Rejuran Healer is capable of getting you (what iscolloquially called) baby-like skin.
Rejuran Healer is also capable of removing superficial scars that came about as the result of acne or trauma (depending on severity).
The treatment is usually indicated for:

  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Oily skin
  • Aging
  • Hyperpigmented skin
  • Others

The Amazing Properties of Rejuran Healer

The active ingredient and star of Rejuran Healer is polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN).
Here are just some of the properties that PDRN exhibits clinically:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-ischemic (through increased microcirculation)
  • Regenerative

How do we know this much about PDRN? That is because PDRN has been used clinically for other purposes for many years! It was only recently that we began using PDRN for aesthetic reasons. One might even say we repurposed PDRN.

What Is the Difference Between Rejuran Healer and Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Rejuran Healer is similar to other treatments administered through injection (such as Dermal fillers or Botox injections) only in the way the treatments are carried out. Other than that, the mechanisms of action are completely different in both nature and result.
Most importantly, Dermal fillers and Botox injections are invasive in the way that they are injection beyond the dermis (top layer of the skin). Rejuran Healer, on the other hand, is administered only in the superficial dermis. There is a difference in the needles too. Rejuran Healer is often administered through the usage of micro needles.
Post-treatment, LED Red Light Therapy is done to soothe the skin and reduce irritation of the skin.

How Long Is the Downtime Post Treatment?

Not very long! Though some level of skin irritation and visible redness is present immediately after treatment, this usually fades within a few hours. Bumps will take about a day to subside.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Rejuran Healer Result

Best results such as having a radiant, natural glow of the skin takes time. Remember that your skin is being restored and reversed to its youthful nature!

What else should I know?

Rejuran Healer is different from other treatments as it aims to accelerate natural processes rather than using artificial measures. Rejuran is performed by medical doctors and can be found at most aesthetic clinics in Singapore.