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Top Hair Loss Centres in Singapore

There are countless scalp treatments and hair loss solutions in the Singapore market such that we feel constantly spoilt for choice. The information overload doesn’t make the decision-making process any easier since every other ad, social media post and TV commercial claims to be the ultimate solution for all your hair and scalp woes.

Most scalp centres use trichologists to diagnose scalp problems. But the basis for their solutions can vary greatly. Some centres use organic, natural remedies while others believe in science-based medical technologies.

The scalp places centered around the natural and herbal concept are PHS Hairscience, Beijing101, TK Trichokare and Yun Nam Hair Care.

Follicle Hair Singapore on the other hand, which is a part of doctor-founded, develops their own hair loss treatment, Meso Scalp Remedy. It is a medical-based treatment specially designed for hair thinning and hair loss, developed by board-certified doctors and is based on scientific research proven to improve your scalp condition. The best part is, it works for both men and women who are already witnessing the start of the balding process.

Knowing the differences will help simplify your decision-making process when it comes to picking the best scalp treatment for your hair loss concerns.

Myth 1: “I need only worry about treatment when hair loss occurs”

Hair loss does not happen overnight – it is usually an accumulation or a combination of elements that result in hair loss or hair thinning. It is much harder to treat hair loss than it is to prevent it altogether, and prevention is often something many neglect at the early stages of hair loss. Hair loss can be prevented simply by testing for essential mineral levels in your scalp. Minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and wellbeing and they ensure your scalp’s health. A disturbance in mineral balance results to hair fall.



A HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) can be done as a preventive measure. HTMA is a safe and non-invasive pathology test. It measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in hair. It is commonly regarded by many doctors, naturopaths and nutritional therapists as a valuable screening tool for preventative uses and ultimately provides reliable data on more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 25 important mineral ratios.

At the moment, an HTMA test is the most accurate way of establishing your current hair health. One place that provides HTMA is Follicle Hair Singapore.

Myth 2: “Most forms of hair loss are due to ageing and are hereditary. Hair scalp treatments can’t help that.”

Aside from pattern hair loss and alopecia areata where there is some possibility of the disease running in the family, genes are not always to blame for losing your tresses. There are many reasons behind hair loss, from stress to lack of vitamins or protein deficiency. The condition is not always permanent and can be prevented, curbed or treated. Often, hair loss can also be caused by hormonal changes and poor blood circulation around the hair follicle. These issues can be controlled with the right scalp treatments.

For example, Follicle Hair Singapore, part of Cambridge Therapeutics, has developed a signature hair loss treatment, Meso Scalp Remedy. It is a medical-based treatment specially designed for hair thinning and hair loss, developed by board-certified doctors and is based on scientific research proven to improve your scalp condition.

Myth 3: “All natural herbal scalp treatments unclog my scalp pores and cause hair to grow”

“Natural” isn’t necessarily better. Some so-called natural scalp treatments may not be dermatologically tested and can contain harsh irritants. Not to mention, they cannot help with male pattern baldness or other serious health conditions where hair transplant would be more effective.

However, there are quite a number of hair loss centres in Singapore centred around the natural and herbal concept. There is PHS Hairscience, Beijing101, TK Trichokare and Yun Nam Hair Care.

Just remember that one should always get tested for the cause of hair loss as purely herbal treatments may be too superficial a solution to effectively combat scalp problems.

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Myth 4: “All a scalp treatment does is promote temporary hair growth”

While the goal is always to improve hair growth, there are ways of doing it to ensure that the results are long-lasting. Many treatments available on the mass market focus on temporary results and hence the ingredients and techniques used are not necessarily the most ideal for your scalp.

For example, an aspect of scalp therapy that is often neglected is oxygen supply. Many of us today suffer from a lack of oxygen due to air pollution, lack of exercise, shallow breathing and poor diets. Follicle Hair’s Pure Oxygen Scalp treatment uses an Oxygen gun to infuse cooling oxygen into every follicle. The main purpose of this treatment is to improve oxygen supply to the scalp. A refreshed scalp will have increased blood circulation. The oxygen infusion also promotes healthy metabolism and induces hair regrowth in the long run.

At PHS Hairscience, Korean herbs are blended together with the belief that the nutrients will repair damaged hair roots and protect it from the environment.

Beijing101 takes a similar approach, but this time using Chinese herbs and TCM beliefs to achieve hair and scalp health for their clients.

At Yun Nam Hair Care, they opt for botanical-based products to treat hair-loss problems.

TK Trichokare prides the use of European Herbal powers and quite famously use Singaporean influencer Xiaxue in their marketing campaigns.

Follicle Hair Singapore, however, sticks with protocols designed by Korean Dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin and develops treatments based on medical expertise from the founders of Cambridge Therapeutics (the aesthetic offshoot of Cambridge Medical Group in Singapore).

These are just four of the most common myths with regards to scalp treatments and with the wide array of treatments marketed by companies, it’s easy to get caught up with the wrong information. It is always the best option to see a specialist and find out the root cause of hair loss.

At Follicle Hair Singapore, treatments are developed and designed by Doctors that use medical-based concepts and all this goes beyond just using organic and hypo-allergenic products, as this alone will not fix scalp disease.

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Figure 1 picture courtesy of Follicle Hair Singapore

Top 5 Hair Loss Scalp Centres in Singapore

  1. Follicle Hair Singapore | T: 6235 8088
  2. PHS Hairscience | T:6692 0662
  3. Yun Nam Hair Care | T:65588 101
  4. Beijing101 Hair Consultants
  5. TK Trichokare | T:66904167