Surgical Method

Review of Sculptra vs Surgery in Singapore

Surgical Method


This is the most common method of face filler we hear of. There are a few different types of facelifts depending on which area you need to fix. Facelifts are usually done under light anaesthesia. It can actually be quite painful, as some people have already mentioned before. Search around on Google and you can see quite a few bloggers in Singapore that have covered facelifts. There’s also a recovery period to this so it might be inconvenient for those of us who are working. Even though it’s the most popular method, I actually recommend it the least. I don’t see any major benefits to traditional facelifts. There are better methods around.


This is a modified method of facelifts. Apparently, it’s quite new. The benefits of this method is that it is MUCH less painful, can be done with only local anaesthesia (I’ve heard it’s possible without? Not sure on this) and the downtime is significantly reduced. I did some research into this and because the technique is still quite new, it seems not all doctors trust it will be a good long-term solution yet. Nonetheless, LESS PAIN and LOW DOWNTIME are attractive benefits indeed.

Fat Transfer

I was seriously considering between this and Sculptra. In the end, I went for Sculptra because I couldn’t handle 1 month of my face being swollen and Sculptra Price was affordable.

I believe this is the most natural and best long-lasting solution. It uses fats from other parts of your own body and transfers it back into your face. As ageing is mostly caused by our face losing fats as we grow older (think of chubby baby faces vs a sunken face of an old woman), this immediately reverses that effect. Its effect is great but unfortunately, the downtime is going to belong. Your face is going to be swollen for at least 3-4 weeks before you can step out of your house again! If you have the time though, you can strongly consider fat transfer.


And of course, we have Sculptra. This is one of the non-surgical methods that cost less than the above 3 and is honestly, quite reasonably priced. If you’d like to read a full review about Sculptra in Singapore.