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Hair loss

Questions and Answers About Hair Loss

Questions and Answers About Hair Loss
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Many people suffer from hair loss and need desperately treatment otherwise; their self-esteem will be ruined forever. When it comes to some cosmetic issues and even some illnesses, we browse the internet to find out what we have missed as information. The situation with normal hair loss is exactly the same.

How do you stop hair loss?

You could prevent it and heal it but you can’t stop it immediately. There are certain things that people have to avoid if they want to prevent hair loss and never look for a hair loss treatment. For example, hair shouldn’t be tied too tightly, so ponytails and cornrows are forbidden. All hair tools that emit heat are on this list, too. Heat is dangerous for your hair because it damages the upper oil layer. These oils are useful because they save the hair from external influences. Another measure you should take is to control your diet. Including beans and protein in your menu is essential. Next step is using cosmetic, which is for hair loss. On the market, many topical creams will heal your scalp if the problem is in that. Essential oils are another great treatment because they have a good effect on the skin and its nutrition.

What is the best vitamin for hair loss?

People have hair loss due to different reasons, like wrong diet, wrong hair care, hormones or illness. Hair is not growing randomly, it has a cycle that could easily interrupt by these things. Vitamin deficiency could cause a serious hair loss. It is a part of the wrong diet so food is more important than you think. Having all the vitamins you need you will avoid Telogen effluvium, so get out and find the best supplements for hair loss.

How can I get my hairline to grow back?

Avoid tight hairstyles because they could ruin your hairline. Using a shampoo too often will wash away the natural hair oils that’s why every time when you use shampoo then you should use a conditioner or a mask. Brushing your hair more carefully should come next. People forget that hair is a delicate part and brush it with all their strength.

What really works for hair loss?

Some treatments are a fraud but some are not. There is no one single way to determine which treatment is useful. Finasteride is the only one popular medicine that heals hair loss. FDA approves it so it is legally distributed. Androgen dihydrotestosterone blocks follicles and causes hair loss. The Finasteride block production of this androgen dihydrotestosterone and people are happy to celebrate their fresh new hair.

How do I get thicker hair?

As we mentioned above, you should wash your hair 2 or 3 times. In addition, we will recommend using non-sulfate hair products, like L’Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo. Many people don’t know that shampoo has to wash away oil from the scalp, not from the hair. Massaging your scalp with shampoo for 30 seconds stimulates your scalp like nothing else. A healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair so this is needed. It is normal to use shampoo 2, 3 times per week, rest of the days you can use conditioner only. If you think that your hair will be too greasy, she won’t be. Conditioner will make it more hydrated only. Brushing is another thing you should be careful with. Don’t brush your hair like it’s the last thing on the earth. Be gentle and your hair will be thankful.

How long before you lose your hair?

Some people never go bald while some start to lose their hair at 15 years. Most people start to pay attention to their hair falling when they are 25 – 30 years but don’t go completely bald until they are 50 years or more. That’s why losing your hair at 20 is not the same as losing it at 55.

What does my body miss if I have a hair loss?

Probably, vitamins. Losing hair is directly connected with vitamin D, iron and protein so you should check levels of all these three things. New research shows that there is an advantage for your hair if you have enough vitamin D2 in your system. Otherwise, there is a special enzyme, which is prevented from helping a hair to grow. Foods that have vitamin D are salmon, milk and oranges so don’t avoid them.

What are other vitamins that are healthy for your hair?

Last decades scientists conduct many pieces of research that prove that Omega-3 is an important vitamin for our health. Surprisingly, it has an essential role in hair growth, too. You can find it in fish oil so every fish worth cooking. Another great vitamin is zinc. It is proved long ago that zinc is responsible for healthy follicles. 66.7 percent of people who had received orally zinc supplements have shown improvements in their follicles and hair strength. B-complex vitamin (Biotin and pantothenic acid) is a healer of damaged hair. If you are using too often hair dryer then you 100% need a B-complex vitamin. Vitamin C is next thing responsible for Rapunzel hair strength. Oxidative stress is responsible for the grey colour of the hair, discolouration and hair loss. Vitamin C fights with it and prevents hair ageing so next time when you see orange – eat it. Iron deficiency is possible when people do not eat enough. Bad nutrition affects all vitals so losing your hair is just one from the list. You can find Iron in spinach, beefsteak, eggs, and beans.

How does my hair recede?

A male balding pattern can affect boys, right after their teenage years. Unfortunately, family history and hormone changes are what causing this unpleasant effect.

Does Rogaine (Minoxidil) help?

Minoxidil and Propecia are the most popular medicines prescribed but both have many side effects. In addition, Minoxidil has a better effect on limited areas, not an overall head. It works better for women than for men and people should not use it on their on the front of the scalp. It comes in topical creams and foam. Spray foam first on your fingers, then apply it on your scalp. Massage it and let it dry without washing it away.

What are the side effects of Rogaine?

Unfortunately, Rogaine has many side effects that make it not the best solution. Some people report for unwanted facial hair growing thanks to Rogaine. Side effects that are more serious include chest pain, increased palpitations, increased weight, swelling hands, and feet, headaches, and confusion. As you may see, all these side effects are not a joke and people should use carefully this medication.

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