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Hair Loss Treatment and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment and How to Prevent Hair Loss
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How to Prevent Hair Loss in Singapore?

An average adult’s head has up to 150,000 hairs and it is normal to lose about 100 strands a day. It has become such a common issue that everyone is seeking help for hair loss treatment in Singapore. Usually, many women by the age of 50 will gripe about either losing their hair or having their hair look less luscious than it did in their youth. The explanation for this is that over time, the individual strands of hair become finer due to changes in the hairs’ density. Want to know how to prevent hair loss? Read on!

#1: Regular Scalp Massages
Whenever you’re in the shower putting shampoo on your head, take a couple of minutes more to just massage the soap into your scalp. This action aims to improve the blood flow in your scalp, thus giving the hair follicles a better environment to grow and helps the shampoo penetrate the hair itself. Not to mention, it has no side effects.
#2: Good Diet 
Want to know how to prevent hair loss in Singapore? Improve your diet. Our common diet is simply way too unhealthy. This is one of biggest causes of hair loss and therefore, the most important factor when it comes to “natural hair loss cure“. As with anything related to our bodies, like nails and hair follicles, our diet plays an important role. Consuming foods high in protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12 will help the hair grow better and thrive, with the added bonus of preventing heart disease. These vitamins and minerals can be found in foods such as leafy greens, nuts, beans and fish. Avoiding high MSG and salty food will also go a long way in controlling your hair fall.

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#3: Minimize Styling
Many people use styling products without realizing the damage it may be causing their hair. These products include hair straighteners and hair dryers, and they cause the most damage to coloured hair. The use of these products can result in heat damage as well as breakage and thin of the hair. Ironically, many “hair treatments” in Singapore may end up having you to go for treatments that prevent it instead, so be careful on the products and chemicals you put onto your head. This was very cooly revealed to me by my hair stylist when I asked her how to prevent hair loss.

#4: Bloodwork
Getting your blood tested routinely will help identify any issues that crop up over time. These tests can show the levels of vitamin D and iron stored in the blood. Should either of these be low, it can result in hair loss but can be easily fixed with consuming a supplement depending on which mineral more was needed of.

#5: Relieving yourself of stress
Reducing stress could be the no 1 hair loss treatment method in Singapore, given our incredible stress levels. It’s been scientifically proven that chronic and sudden stress can hinder hair growth. Examples of sudden stress include deaths, divorces or any other big changes. Should you feel that you’re under constant stress, pick up meditation as a coping mechanism. Although the science behind this isn’t fully explored, stress IS a major cause of many health issues in Singapore. How to prevent hair loss? Don’t be so stressed for.

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Hair Loss Treatment Methods in Singapore

#1: Medicine 
There are two kinds of readily available medications for use.

  1. The first one is Minoxidil, an FDA approved a product that enhances the hair follicles to make them appear larger. With years of research making it credible, it is no wonder that nearly 50% of women use the product. This is considered one of the more reliable men and women hair loss treatment options in Singapore if you do not want to seek professional help.
  2. The second medication is Viviscal, a supplement aimed at making the body produce thicker and more healthy strands of hair. The supplement contains a mix of fish protein, zinc, biotin, vitamin C and niacin.

#2: Laser procedures to regrow hair
There could be factors affecting your hair’s ability to regrow quickly and one of those factors could be inflammation. Through laser treatments, the inflammation can be targeted and reduced. This is not a surgical procedure and the laser machine can be bought over the counter and the procedure can be self-done.

#3: Treating hormonal imbalances can prevent hair thinning 
This is another option to consider, as some people are genetically wired to have thin hair or experience thinning hair after a certain point in life. With the right kind of therapy that will bring hormone levels back to normal, hair thinning can be reduced or eliminated entirely. That, of course, depending on the severity of the case. And this seems to be one of the more popular hair loss treatments in Singapore.

#4: Cortisone shots
This is the more painful option but successful nonetheless. Having this injected directly into the scalp will halt the hormonal activity responsible for thinning hair. This option is an especially great solution for those who suffer from inflammatory scalp disease. Might also help to prevent hair loss.

#5: Traditional Chinese medicine for hair thinning
Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that hair thinning is a result of low kidney energy and ill blood. The solution is usually acupuncture. But while there is not much scientific evidence to prove its worth, many men and women swear by it as THE way for hair loss treatment in Singapore. They also have their own their on how to prevent hair loss, so take what you will.

traditional Chinese medicine methods for hair loss

These are just generic ways that help minor hair loss.

If you are experiencing a serious, persistent kind of hair shedding, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. In this case, slathering on creams and essential oils or popping pills won’t do much to solve the problem. Instead, it is more reliable to consult professionals in Singapore like Follicle Hair who have proven results. If you really want to know how to prevent losing your tresses, you probably need such professional help. Remember though, whichever method you choose, this is a common problem on our sunny island, so never feel ashamed to seek treatment.