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OxyLight- One of the Best Skin Tightening methods


Collagen helps to keep your skin smooth, elastic, tight and wrinkle-free – promoting a healthy and youthful skin. However, factors such as drastic weight loss, pregnancy, aging, exposure to sun and toxins can affect one’s skin condition – as collagen breaks down over time. This causes the skin to become loose and damaged. As skin starts to sag, it can affect one’s self-esteem. While there are many ways to treat loose skin, once you have it, it can be difficult to treat immediately. Some individuals will then seek for cosmetic procedures, while others look for existing natural remedies.

Here are three ways to tighten your skin:

  1. Facial Massage

Facial massage can help to enhance skin tightening and decrease the appearance of loose skin. While facial exercise has been popular since the 1900s, there’s little evidence to support their help in skin tightening. But who knows? Maybe it’s a useful technique.

These methods require perseverance (slow but effective), as they are painless and free. For best results, massage your skin twice a day; before bed and when you wake up in the morning. Here are some easy beauty tips just for you:

  • Start by cleansing your face with daily foam cleanser and lukewarm water. Next, gently dry your face with a towel. Apply a small amount of face oil on your skin (Use almond oil on dry skin and jojoba oil on oily skin).
  • Firstly, move your fingertips in circular upward motion on the eye area. Lightly massage your eye area for 15 – 20 times (use light pressure due to sensitivity).
  • Next, use a circular motion and apply light pressure on your cheeks. Massage the “apples” of your cheeks; inner cheekbones across to the outer edges of the face. Repeat this movement 10 times.
  • Then, place your fingers vertically on your forehead and move up and down (one hand pulls up while the other pulls down). This massage is particularly effective for reducing horizontal forehead wrinkles.
  • To counter double chin, tilt your head back with your mouth closed and look at the ceiling. Pretend you are chewing something, so that you’re moving your chin up and down. Repeat this movement for 20 – 30 times.
  • While this facial massage routine seems tedious and time-consuming, it does help with skin tightening. Repeat the above movements for twice a day – and you’ll soon observe a tighter skin.

Gently massaging loose skin can increase blood circulation and this can give an advantageous anti-aging response. This helps to boost skin tightening and create a youthful skin. Alternatively, you can shop for a hand-operated massage tool to boost the positive effects of facial massage.

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  1. Skin Firming Products

Believe it or not, firming creams can help to improve the appearance of loose skin and boost skin tightening. Often, results can be observed immediately but aren’t long lasting. Effective skin tightening products can temporarily make fine lines and loose skin appear less obvious. Always look for products that can boost skin collagen, as it helps to promote an elastic, young and healthy skin. This minimizes the possibility of loose skin.

For instance, use a cream with Vitamin E or retinol, as it helps to hydrate the cells, make the skin look tighter and reduce wrinkles. You can shop for skin firming products in beauty retail stores. Do not hesitate to speak to any skin specialists regarding your skin condition. Some skin tightening products will deliver results over a period of time. While using these creams to combat the signs of loose skin and obtain optimal radiance, always check if you’re sensitive to any of its ingredients.

  1. Non-invasive Clinical Skin Tightening Methods


LDM or Local Dynamic Micro-Massage

A non-invasive technology hailing from Germany, LDM is a breakthrough treatment that uses ultrasonic energy at 2 specific frequencies. This exerts a powerful micro-massage effect on the skin’s tissue structures, stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production.

At the same time, a healing response is evoked which give skin an anti-ageing and rejuvenation effect.

Why do we love LDM therapy?

There are a multitude of clinical studies and papers detailing the superior effects of LDM for skin tightening, face lifting, wrinkle reduction, melasma and even acne/acne scar lightening.

Besides all the science, the treatment itself is ultra-comfortable, short and painless – taking just 25minutes to complete.


Where can you find skin tightening treatments?

Quite a few aesthetic clinics in Singapore provide skin tightening treatments and the price can vary according to the location, ambience and service level. We usually recommend going to a reputable centre – at least you can be assured that the therapists would be highly skilled and deliver great results.

Afterall, who doesn’t want good service and the best results? For starters, try Nuffield Aesthetics at #06-07 Pacific Plaza in Singapore. Or checkout their website for details on skin tightening treatments here: https://www.nuffieldaesthetics.com.sg/skin-tightening