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Hair loss

Information on Hair Loss in Females

Information on Hair Loss in Females
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There are several factors behind hair loss among females. Conditions that can cause thinning and loss include level of iron in the body, poor diet, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, thyroid level inconsistencies, changes in weight, and of course genetics.

Hair loss due to things like stress, diet, and thyroid are typically only temporary issues.

Because these are linked to things that can be controlled with proper health measures, and because the follicle isn’t sustaining damage, hair will many times grow back after proper health has been restored.  The same is true for chemotherapy-related hair loss. Once treatment has ended, the toxins from the chemo will leave the body and hair will start to regrow.

Another type of hair loss results from genetic information passed down from your parents.

Female pattern thinning and balding occurs slowly over a lifetime. Thinning can begin at anytime and will continue progress into old age. In this type, the follicle will begin to shrink and will actually start to produce smaller and more fine hair until the follicle stops operating completely – which is when the person will experience the hair loss.

This type of hair loss is particularly impactful to the female psyche, as it is similar to male pattern balding as is less acceptable in terms of female beauty standards.

In androgenetic alopecia, the follicle becomes sensitive to androgenic hormones in the body and will begin to produce less hair. This happens as a result shortened growing cycles where hair becomes increasingly thinner before product stops altogether.

Stress is always an important factor in hair loss as it is in overall health. Taking steps to decrease the amount of stress in your life by practicing meditation or increasing your level of exercise can be helping in controlling this type of hair loss.