mini facelift

Ins and Outs of the Mini Facelift


Full facelift or mini facelift?

When looking for a procedure that will help you with a younger look, there are options available. One of these options is the full facelift. This procedure provides tightening of the skin through removal of some of the fat and skin, and stretching of the skin toward the hairline, where the incisions are made. Another option is the mini facelift, which has become the most common type of facelift that is performed today. The mini facelift works on the lower part of the face, addressing several problem areas including definition around the chin. Here are some reasons that people tend to opt for the mini version:

Spend Less Time Recovering

Recovery time is significantly reduced as the patient will experience much less bruising and swelling than with the full facelift. This is due to the face that the procedure is focused on the lower part of the face and neck which will reduce scarring and tenderness. After a full facelift, it is typical to expect about two weeks of recovery time, while the mini facelift will require only up to about 7 days.

The Procedure is Fast

Another reason why some people prefer the smaller procedure is that the procedure is shorter and less invasive. A full facelift can last several hours and when you add the anaesthesia into the equation, you are talking about almost a full day event. When looking at the mini facelift option, many times the procedure is over within about 2 hours or less. Additionally, sedation and a local anaesthetic are used instead of general anaesthesia so you save some time there as well.

There are some reasons why you might not want to go the route of a mini facelift as well, here are a couple of reasons that might be the case:

Doesn’t Last as Long as a Full Facelift

The resulting effects from a full facelift can last the better part of a decade or longer in some cases. Of course, the length of time that the results last depends on the rate at which the patient ages, the quality of the procedure and what exactly what performed during the procedure. The mini facelift doesn’t last quite as long and since the procedure is focused on the lower part of the face, the upper part of the face can start to detract from the effects of the mini.

Results Aren’t as Dramatic

Obviously, the full facelift is going to offer more robust results than the mini facelift. This is for a couple of reasons, one big reason is that the full facelift addresses the entire face and the mini doesn’t. So as the top part of the face stays the same and continues to age, the patient might not feel that their results are as dramatic as they would have liked.