face lift alternative

Home Alternatives to a Face Lift


Why look for a face lift alternative?

The cost of plastic surgery can be relatively high, and of course comes with certain risks. There are things that you can do right at your home to get some of the same benefits as effective as face lift in Singapore, though the overall impact will be significantly less. Healthy habits and a few tricks can contribute to very healthy skin, and may be able to save you thousands of dollars, pain and suffering, and the recovery time that comes along with a surgical procedure.

Mix up some Honey with Fruit

Honey is one of nature’s great gifts, both in a cup of tea and as a mask for the skin. The natural vitamins and minerals in fruit are also good for the skin, so you can make a mask with the two and enjoy some nice benefits. Use your blender to mix up a handful of strawberries and grapes, half an apple and pear, and an ounce of orange juice. Starting with a layer of honey and then a layer of the fruit, let the mask sit on the face for about half an hour. When the time is up, wash away with some warm water.

Mix up some Bananas with Cream

Bananas and cream has long been another home treatment option for those looking to give their skin a softer feel and fresh look.  To gain the benefits from this mask, mash up a whole banana into about a quarter cup of heavy cream and mix well. For added value, open up a vitamin E capsule and add to the mix. Apply the mask and let sit for about 15 minutes. Wash away with warm water or wipe clean with a warm, wet cloth.

Mix up some Sugar and Eggs

Eggs are full of protein and other nutrients that we can use to help feed the skin and gain some healthy value. Take the yolks of two eggs and whisk them together with a teaspoon of sugar. Apply this mixture to the face and let sit for about 25 minutes. Wash away with warm water when finished.