Flat Belly
Weight loss

Food for a Flat Belly


If you want to lose weight, especially belly fat, diet is the most important thing you need to focus on – more important than exercise.

You’re doing hundreds of crunches a day but still not seeing a change to your middle. No matter how many crunches you do, you need to tackle the reason for too much belly fat. The diet is the main problem, and you need to start eating the right type of food. Here are the three best foods for a flat belly.

Drink More Green Tea

It’s not all about food, but also about what you drink. It’s time to skip the fruit juices and get more water in your diet. Not everyone likes the taste of plain water, but you can add some green tea to it. Green tea is better than black tea and coffee because of the metabolism stimulators in it. Start your day with a cup and have a couple more throughout the day and you’ll find it easier to get rid of the belly fat.

You can also add lemon to your green tea for extra belly benefits. It’s full of vitamin C to offer other health benefits, too.

Switch to Chicken

It’s time to get away from the red meat and switch to poultry. Chicken is a great option but turkey is also an excellent switch to make. Both these types of meat are full of protein, without being full of fat that red meat is. They’re also lower in carcinogens, which in red meat have recently been linked to possible cancer risks. Opt for poultry without the skin to gain all the health benefits.

Chop Up Vegetable Sticks

When it comes to snacking, you need to think healthy. Vegetable sticks are great, especially cucumbers and celery. Both of these are full of water, so you get a good intake throughout your day. At the same time, the water helps you feel fuller while still getting lots of nutrients from the vegetables. You won’t likely eat as many vegetable sticks as you would chocolate bars.

It’s time to make a healthy diet change. Focusing on foods that will give you a flat belly is certainly worthwhile and doesn’t have to be boring!