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Face Filler Treatments: Benefits, Results, Cost, and More


If your face has started to give in to gravity and age, you can perk it up a little using an injectable. Whether you call them dermal fillers or facial fillers, it’s not important. What matters is that they can fill wrinkles in less than ten minutes, which makes them the perfect lunchtime procedure. Deemed to offer natural results, these are the absolute go-to therapies for people who wouldn’t do a surgical facelift. If you are interested in learning more about face filler treatments, you are in the right place. Scroll down to find out what everything you need to know about the procedure.

How Face Fillers Work

As we age, our faces develop nasolabial folds, smile lines, sags, and hollows as a result of the thinning fat pad on the cheeks. This is what makes us look tired and old. How a filler changes the game is it adds volume, making the complexion plumper. Hence, the skin tightens and wrinkles diminish – simple as that.

Although this is a minimally invasive procedure, it still needs to be performed by a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Since some areas are more affected by sagging than others, the specialist gets to work at different depths. This also means that various thicknesses of filler should be applied. Once the doctor maps the injection site, he or she inserts the liquid into the marked spots using fine needles, which cuts down bruising, pain, and swelling.

Types of Face Filler Treatments

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There are permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary (biodegradable) injectables. Some of them are made of synthetic materials, others have a mixture of synthetic and natural ingredients, and some of them employ entirely natural substances. Depending on the type used, the results may last from six months to ten years and more.

Permanent fillers contain lab-made substances like polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), mixed with small amounts of sterilised, purified bovine collagen. The latter is extracted from cows. PMMA is not like anything found naturally in the body, which is why it is more likely to cause adverse reactions. In most cases, though, the side effects are quite similar to those that absorbable fillers have.

It is important to mention that the body cannot break down the substance over time, hence the permanent nature of the outcome. This means that once you do this type of treatment, you can’t make changes to it.

Now, semi-permanent injectable fillers are made of materials that do not dissolve either. They can be used in areas of the face where it can be costly to insert other types of fillers. They also prove useful when a patient is experiencing significant volume deficit. Some of the products in this category contain Poly-L-Lactic acid and others have calcium hydroxylapatite.

Temporary fillers are at their peak right now and it’s no wonder why. The materials they are made of are found in the body, which minimises the risk of side effects. The only trouble is, this type of fillers tend to dissolve after a certain point; for this reason, the results are relatively short-term. The most common substances are hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen.

Benefits of Fillers

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Fast recovery time. What draws most people to this treatment is the fact that there is no downtime associated with it. Let’s admit it, life, as we know it today, is incredibly hectic and fast-paced, and the busy streets of Singapore are no exception.

Skin rejuvenation. This is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can erase or diminish the nasty signs of aging. It lifts the skin, restores lost volume, doing away with fine lines and wrinkles.

Quick and subtle results. Although the full potential of facial fillers is revealed over time, you can see the effects almost instantly (right after the swelling goes down). A couple of months after you’ve had the treatment, you will notice your creases have become significantly smaller to non-existent. What is more, the results are so subtle that no one will be able to tell you’ve done a procedure like this. Everybody will be complimenting you on your looks.

Continuous effects. If you use a filler that promotes the growth of new collagen, you will enjoy the results longer. The more time passes by, the better your face will look.

Less risk, fewer side effects. Again, if you stick with biodegradable substances, the chances of getting a bad reaction are very slim. This is because collagen and hyaluronic acid both exist in the body.

How Long Do Fillers in the Face Last?

That would depend on the type of filler used, the brand, and every individual’s body response to the treatment. Permanent fillers, as their name suggests, come with long-term effects and they can hold up more than ten years. Semi-permanent can last five years or so.

When it comes to temporary injectable fillers, the substance usually dissolves after 6 to 12 months, that is if no refills are done. With top-up sessions, the results can last indefinitely.

What are the Best Face Fillers?

You will find an abundance of soft tissue fillers with watery and gel-like substances on the market. Some contain natural ingredients and others are synthetic, yet they stimulate collagen growth.

Permanent: Teosyal Ultradeep

Semi-permanent: Aquamid (with polyalkylimide), Sculptra/Ellanse/Esthefil (with PLLA polylactic acid)

Temporary (hyaluronic acid fillers): Juvederm, Prevelle Silk, Belotero Balance, Restylane

Although permanent fillers last longer, it is recommended that you stick with biodegradable substances because they are gentler on the body and are less likely to cause complications. However, keep in mind that what appears to be the best injectable for some may not prove the most suitable for you. At the end of the day, it depends on your goals and needs. The way your face has aged also plays a role. Discuss that with a specialist and they will recommend a few options. The final decision is up to you.

Are Face Fillers Safe?

Every product has both benefits and risks, which is why you need to do your homework on treatments and clinics. Your doctor of choice should be able to give you a lowdown on the available options, including the possible complications.

But to answer the question – yes, they are relatively safe. During the procedure, it is normal to experience tenderness, bruising, itching, swelling, redness, and even pain. After the injections, there may be bruising, discomfort, and redness, ranging from mild to severe. If you experience anything else, you should check with your health care provider as soon as possible.

What is Face Filler Recovery Time?

This varies largely per individual and is also dependent on the type of treatment you choose. It is recommended to stay away from intense physical activity 24-48 hours post-procedure, but for the most part, you will be able to go back to your chores right away. Basically, you don’t have to stay at the clinic – once the treatment is over, you are free to go home or to your office.

Cost of Fillers


As you can see, there is plenty of variety out there and this also means the price is different for different brands and aesthetic clinics. Here is a ballpark figure, though: you will need to pay anywhere from $300 to $900 per session.


The perfect candidates for facial fillers are people who have moderate or severe creases and are not willing to undergo surgery. They should be non-smokers because the skin will heal faster that way. Besides, the motions that one makes when smoking can aggravate the folds, which will undo the effects.

There is no restriction on age or gender: both men and women can undergo the procedure. It is important that they are determined to take good care of their skin after the treatment is over. Last but not least, patients should have realistic expectations.