Dissolvable Thread Lifts
Thread lift

Dissolvable Thread Lifts Are Now the In-Thing


Non-surgical  Dissolvable Thread Lifts

Many people want facelifts but either don’t want to spend weeks recovering, don’t want to part with an exorbitant sum of money or don’t wish to put themselves through great pain and a lot of recovery time. Is it that bad? Let’s explore the procedure of dissolvable thread lifts through this article.

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Surgical facelifts give you a very overdone look that does not appear natural. However, non-surgical thread lifts do the exact opposite. They lift the sagging skin naturally, without pain or leaving behind scars*. This method is able to give your face that V shape from your youth. * Another great thing about the procedure is that both men and women are able to undergo this procedure so as to get that youthful look. Thread lifts are a lot less costly, they can be done under an hour and the effects will last between 1 and 2 years.

All that being said, it would be great if you did your own research or discussed the procedure with a practitioner. There is a large variety of procedures out there and each of them serves a specific purpose to adjust or correct a particular area of the face. That being said, it is imperative that you keep your desired outcome at the top of your mind during the time that you are choosing which procedure to have done.

If the internet does not provide you with sufficient information or you are still unsure, you should schedule a consultation session with any practitioner and get their expert advice on which procedure is best to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Dissolvable Thread Lift – About the procedure.

Let’s get into the science of it. As the years go by, the support structure within our facial skin weakens and face fat is lost. The areas most affected by this fat loss are the cheeks, eyebrows, the neck and jowls. This fat loss often results in your face looking longer, older and a little rounder. With ageing skin comes thinner connective tissues. These thinner tissues is a result of the breakdown of the elastic fibres in our skin. These fibres are what create the supports that shape our face and when these are lost, our faces begin to droop, sag or simply look older in general. Thread lifts are a great solution for this as well as people who suffer from things like cheek or brow ptosis. These are usually found in younger people but that does not mean older folk would not suffer from this. The idea behind a thread lift is to lift the skin from under the facial tissues. This result in one’s face looking less youthful and saggy.

Dissolvable Thread Lift

Different types of threads available.

Most of these threads are made of polydioxanone, a safe and dissolvable material commonly used in other surgical procedures. The first type of thread is the unidirectional barbed threads. These threads’ barbs are usually fixed higher on your face. The second type of thread is the Cog thread. These threads have barbs along them made to imitate cogs. Once under the skin, the barbs on the thread open to form a support structure that lifts the sagging tissue. This support structure creates tension on the thread, effectively replacing the support structures that broke down and lifting the skin tissue. The third type of thread is the Bidirectional threads. These are inserted into a hollow needle, have no fixation points and are placed strategically so that it will not move either way. The fourth type of thread is the Mono threads. These are short and simple threads without barbs. Several pieces of them are placed in a net-like style under the skin to help tighten the general face area. These threads are good as they reduce wrinkles due to collagen forming around them a month after the procedure. These threads can also be used to complement one another and are commonly used interchangeably. Each thread is good for a particular treatment to give the best facelift possible.

Different types of threads

The recovery journey

Unlike traditional facelift procedures, dissolvable thread lifts are generally non-invasive. Thus, they do not cause a lot of pain as they do not cut into the skin. This prevents trauma from being caused and therefore, do not require you to abstain from your regular routines. This is good for people who live busy lives and cannot afford any downtime. This is due to the use of dissolvable threads that are absorbed into the skin and collect collagen under your skin. Side effects of these procedures are rare; the most you could notice is some slight bruising but it is not any cause for alarm as it will fade within the week.