v-shaped face

Creating the “V” Look


How do you go about creating that great looking Korean v-shaped face when you’re not Korean?

The term “Gangnam girl” seems to be a response to the cosmic rise in the popularity of cosmetic procedures and the resulting output of girls that are starting to look eerily similar. One such feature of the so-called Gangnam girl is the V-shaped face. This beauty trend has taken hold in recent years and is one of the most highly desirable looks in the Asian culture.

For those of us that reside in Singapore, we are not immune to this. This sought after look can be tricky to achieve for us so the conventional methods that are used in Korean procedures might not be the most effective for us.

Specifically, there are differences in the face between the two cultures. Take the jawline for example: whereas the Korean woman might have more of a square jaw resulting from a wider jawbone, the Singaporean is more likely to have a smaller looking jaw with more fatty tissue in the cheeks. One way to achieve the look has been to start with the Korean method in application of Botox for facial slimming around the jawline. After which, the latest in PDO Threadlift technology or non-anchoring thread lift techniques can be applied. To continue to get the look dialed in, the use of fillers and thread lifts at the jawline will help provide a more dramatic look.

More and more, people are looking for less invasive procedures that require less downtime to get the same outcome. To get the job done under these circumstances, doctors must combine cutting-edge techniques with the technology that has been used traditionally.

One such example of this is ultrasound technology. While not new by any stretch of the imagination, the use of this technology has evolved past looking into an expectant mother’s stomach and on to slimming. This is achieved by using Ultherapy or Ultraformer to focus the waves on the face, which provides some of the desired effects without the use of invasive surgery.