Dissolvable Thread lift
Thread lift

Consider a Dissolvable Thread lift


It’s normal to breeze past a mirror and not take a second look. But have you recently taken a good look at your face and realised that perhaps, the years have taken a toll on your face and that it would be nice to have firmer skin? This can definitely be achieved without undergoing painful surgery, long periods of time where you have to be still or worse still, having to abstain from your daily routine. The answer? A dissolvable thread lift might do the trick.

There is a simple solution and that is a non-surgical dissolvable thread lift. Generally speaking, surgical facelifts give you the look of just walking through a tornado; very overdone. However, non-surgical thread lifts do the exact opposite. They lift the sagging skin naturally, without pain or leaving behind scars*. This method is able to take 10 years off your face and give it that V shape from your youth. * Both men and women are able to undergo this procedure so as to get that youthful look.

That being said, it is extremely important that you do your own research or discuss the procedure with your practitioner prior to actually doing it. There is a large variety of procedures and each of them serve a specific purpose for a particular part of the face. Thus, it is important that you keep your desired outcome in mind when choosing which procedure, you would like to have done. If you are unsure, you can schedule a consultation session with any practitioner and get their expert advice.

The science behind non-surgical threadlifts

Let’s go into the details. As the years go by, the support structure within our facial skin weakens and face fat is lost. The areas most affected by this fat loss are the cheeks, eyebrows, the neck and jowls. This fat loss often results in your face looking longer, older and a little rounder. With ageing skin comes thinner connective tissues. These thinner tissues is a result of the breakdown of the elastic fibres in our skin. These fibres are what create the supports that shape our face and when these are lost, our faces begin to droop, sag or look older in general.

dissolvable thread lift

Another possible outcome of the loss of facial supports is cheek and brow ptosis. These two are also caused by weakened muscles and this is typically seen in younger people. Thread lifts are especially helpful to these younger people as compared to other procedures as this method corrects minor facial issues. This is not to say that cheek or brow ptosis cannot happen to older folk, it is just less common. Should you be looking for a procedure to correct more major problems that are typically found in older people, you can look into other, more invasive procedures such as a face lift or surgical correction.

Threads available

Dissolvable Thread lift have recently become the alternative to facelifts as the latter are expensive and require a long recovery period. Thread lifts are cheaper and are often referred to as the “lunch break lift” due to the fact that it can be done in under an hour. The effects will certainly provide a lift to the area it was performed on and will be visible for as long as 2 years.

Here are 3 examples of threads used:
1. Unidirectional barbed threads. These are usually fixed at a higher point on the face.

2. Bidirectional barbed threads. These have no anchoring points, are inserted within a hollow needle and are placed in a way that the thread is unable to move either way.

3. Mono threads. These are short threads that do not have barbs and are many of them placed under the skin to achieve an overall tighter feel. They reduce wrinkled skin as collagen begins collecting around the threads a month after the procedure. The collagen begins to firm the face, giving it that youthful look. These threads are unable to cause significant lifting on their own, thus they’re used as a complementary process to restore firmness and youth in the face.

dissolvable thread lift before and after

Dissolvable Thread Lift Aftercare

This form of lifting is significantly less invasive than traditional face lift procedures. The latter usually cause more skin trauma and thus require a longer period of recovery. Undergoing procedures like these mean you would have to abstain from your regular routines and habits for a while, that might not be ideal if you live a busy life. However, with a dissolvable thread lift, you are able to go about your life as per normal immediately after. * This is due to the use of dissolvable threads that are absorbed into the skin and collect collagen under your skin. Another plus point of this procedure is that no skin is cut, side effects are little to none, you may only see some light bruising but that is no cause for concern as they will disappear within the week.