My Own Sculptra Review

Cheek Fillers and Face Fillers

Alternative: Cheek Fillers and Face Fillers in Singapore

Another alternative in Singapore that’s less natural is botox and fillers. It’s INSTANT and has 0 downtime! Yes. ZERO DOWNTIME. Fillers last about 1 year or so and works by injecting a substance that hardens underneath your skin, giving your face back the volume. The downside to this is that it doesn’t actually fix the effects of ageing. It simply injects a substance to avoid it. I actually did quite a number of fillers and have no regrets. Eventually, I decided to go for something more permanent than cheek fillers and face filler like Sculptra but I have to say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing face or cheek fillers in Singapore.

Why Cheek and Face Fillers?

Before doing any face or cheek fillers, let’s review their pros and cons. I’d start with the cons first since these are commonly misunderstood.

Face Fillers & Cheek Fillers Cons:

Face fillers and cheek fillers might be a popular choice in Singapore but they don’t last long. The effect usually wears out within a year. For heavy smokers, this can be as short as a matter of 3-4 months sometimes. Fillers are also not natural. Meaning you will feel something hard in your face after it is injected. You can use your fingers to press on that part of the face or cheeks with the fillers and you can feel the hard material inside. This can be abit scary for first time users compared to something like Ellanse or Sculptra which pretty much is completely natural. I love how these collagen stimulating fillers plumped up this patient’s cheeks naturally here.

Face Fillers & Cheek Fillers Pros:

Now we come to the advantages. Firstly, compared to traditional lifting methods like facelifts and such, fillers have absolutely 0 downtime. And when compared to Sculptra, which takes time for the natural anti aging process to kick in, fillers provide an INSTANT result. You will have a bit of redness after you walk out of the clinic but it should disappear within 3 hours or so. This means that if you want to doll yourself up for a wedding dinner or big company event the next day, fillers are awesome! It provides an instant way for your face to look younger and your cheeks to look fuller. Hence, overall, I would say all types of treatments have their own pros and cons and face fillers or cheek fillers are not necessarily less effective.

I have done up a table for you to quickly compare the different types of face fillers and cheek fillers in Singapore and decide for yourself.

Method Pros Cons Overall Rating
Botox/Fillers Instant and 0 downtime Needs to go back once every year. Does not fix the problem at the root cause. Might look “plastic” if not done right. 6/10
Sculptra Instant and 0 downtime. Reverses effect of ageing with natural collagen from body. Scuptra cost is slightly greater but it saves alot in a long run. Takes 6-12 months to fully reach maximum effect. Hard to find doctor that’s an expert at Sculptra. (read “non-surgical” section for where to find a good doctor). 9/10
Face Lift Long lasting Painful. Long downtime. Expensive. Painful. Painful. Painful. 3/10
Thread Lift Painless. Can be done within 2 hours. Low downtime. New method that’s not 100% proven yet. 6/10
Fat Transfer Natural fats into your face. Fixes the problem at the root cause. Expensive. Long downtime. 8/10 (if you can handle the recovery period)

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