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The Bun & Hair Loss

The Bun & Hair Loss
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When it comes to hairstyles, wearing the high in a manner that pulls it tight can lead to some hair loss.

Buns are tried and true go-to for women who need a quick way to pull their hair back if they don’t want to take the time to style it. The bun is also used for formal occasions as it can be pulled back neatly for a classy and sleek look.

A relatively new trend in men’s style has been the “man bun”, which is exactly the same as a woman would use but it is relatively rare for a man to have long hair and pull it back in a bun so it evidently deserves it’s own term.

While the bun might be a classic do for either sex at this point, it can lead to some hair loss. This type of hair loss is referred to as traction alopecia, and it caused by pulling the hair back tightly, which puts strain on the roots.

Traction alopecia used to be the more common among African American women who wore their hair back tight and in braids since they were young.

The hair loss in these cases tended to start in the 30’s and 40’s.

Styles including braids and cornrows still pose a risk for hair loss, but the increase in buns across the sexes are starting to add to the problem as there has been a slight uptick in traction alopecia.

Other hairstyles adding to the problem include hair extensions. This is a popular choice in women with short hair as they can grow their hair out overnight, and add a whole new world of style to their repertories.  Hair extensions are tied tightly to the hair and cause stress on the root, and some women choose to leave them in way too long, adding to the problem.

Swimmers are also experiencing these issues, as they pull their hair back tight under the swim caps. Ballerinas are in the same boat. When it comes down to it, anyone can fall victim to traction alopecia, but especially if they have finer hair. Thin hair strands are typically at a higher risk for breakage and stress.

The best thing to do if you want to avoid hair loss associated with these styles is to switch your style up as often as possible. Try not to wear tight, pulled back styles everyday.